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Take a drive through town and chances are you will see a dedicated member at work in one of the many public gardens the club maintains.

COMO Children's Learning Garden

The COMO Children’s Learning Garden is the Stonington Garden Club’s signature community project. SGC has had a long-term collaboration with the COMO. Club volunteers cultivate a wide variety of vegetables and cutting flowers, offering numerous educational opportunities for the COMO kids.

Lighthouse Museum Garden

SGS volunteers help maintain an elegant perennial garden at the Stonington Lighthouse Museum. In 2016, SGC member Marguerite Moore provided the funds to have the garden replanted with a variety of perennials to provide color and flowers through the summer season. SGC makes an annual donation to the Stonington Historical Society to help pay for the maintenance of the garden by a professional gardener who works with volunteers and provides advice. Please visit the Lighthouse Museum and stroll the grounds.


Borough Post Office Garden

The Stonington Borough Post Office garden is designed and cultivated throughout the year by the SGC. The club approved a project landscaping the Post Office garden at its annual meeting in June 1965. The project was completed in October 1965 under the guidance of Mrs. Donald C. Cottrell and Club President Mrs. Harriet C. Hughes. The Club’s August 1964 House and Garden Tour provided the initial funding for the project.

Post Office

Wayland's Wharf Rain Garden

The Stonington Garden Club, Stonington Borough, and the Eastern Connecticut Conservation District (ECCD) have partnered to install a rain garden at Wayland’s Wharf. Planted with attractive grasses, ferns, flowering Oakleaf hydrangea and Blue Flag iris, this project is funded by the Stonington Garden Club and a Long Island Futures Fund grant. This project is also supported by the EPA and the Federal Department of Fish and Wildlife. Located in the middle of the west side of the Borough overlooking the harbor, the Wayland’s Wharf bowl-shaped garden is nature’s water filter, planted with attractive low maintenance native plants and grasses. It collects stormwater runoff from the parking lot and naturally filters out pollutants, preventing harmful elements from flowing into Stonington Harbor.