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Executive Board

KIRBY WILLIAMS-07-2022-14-22-22-1.jpeg

Kirby Williams

Metzger Exec Comm Photo 2022-23.JPG

Laura Metzger

Vice President

Vivie von Walstrom

Vice President
Executive Board

Susan Alston- Millette


Dodie Bump

Communications Secretary

Jill Corr

Recording Secretary



Standing Committee Chairs

- members of the Governing Board

  • Conservation: Terri Brennan
  • Floral Design: Mary Lynn McRee & Shonah Drakos
  • Garden History & Design: Tom Taylor
  • Horticulture: Pam Wright
  • Photography: Laura Frommer Hall
  • Programs and Hospitality: Vivie von Walstrom
  • Visiting Gardens: Linda Visscher

Administrative Chairs

  • Awards: Deborah Dodds
  • Federated Garden Club Liaison: Pam Wright
  • Finance Committee: Susan Alston-Millette
  • Hospitality: Helen De Persia
  • Garden Club of America Liaison: Dodie Bump
  • Grants: Susan Alston-Millette
  • Founders Fund: Kirby Williams
  • Membership/Admissions: Laura Metzger
  • Memorial Books: Laura Metzger
  • Nominating Committee: Deborah Dodds
  • Public Relations: Dodie Bump
  • SGC Scholarships: Terri Brennan
  • Website: Dodie Bump, Anna Bell McLanahan

Community Project Chairs

  • COMO Children’s Learning Garden: Wanda Sullivan
  • Deck the Walls: Mary Suter & Mary Boyer
  • Holiday Greens and Community Wreaths: Laura Metzger
  • Library Flowers: Carole Nossek 
  • Community Gardens (Lighthouse Museum, Borough Post Office, Wayland’s Wharf): TBA
  • COMO Village Fair Booth 2023: TBA

Garden Club of America Zone II Representatives

  • Awards Representative: Jill Corr
  • Communications Representative: Kathy Conger