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In 1997, Bunny O'Callahan, along with other member's, spearheaded the SGC's role in the COMO Children's Garden. Today children and teens (ages 5-15) learn about nature through gardening in partnership with the Stonington Community Center “the COMO”.


In 2019-2020 Deb Dodds led a fundraising campaign to transform the Children’s Learning Garden. The garden was fully renovated by adding new sod, ten raised vegetable/flower beds, a beautifully planted water pond, a blueberry and strawberry enclosure, and a garden shed fully stocked with all the tools that little and big gardeners need.
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Built together

Local craftspeople, merchants, artists, friends, members of the SGC, and the local Boy Scout troop all pitched in to donate and help make the garden come to life. Now the COMO Children’s Learning Garden is not only a place to learn but a beautiful respite for walkers, visitors, garden “aficionados,” as well as the whole community to enjoy seasonally.

Regenerative Gardening

Under the guidance of Craig Floyd at Coogan Farm Nature and Heritage Center, we practice regenerative gardening techniques such as a no till soil philosphy. 

Educational Programs

The SGC volunteers work with the COMO kids to learn about seed planting, cultivation, and finally harvesting. The prized produce is taken back to the COMO kitchen where the children learn how to prepare, cook, and enjoy fresh food, encouraging healthy eating habits. For more information on the COMO program, click here.

Pollinator Garden

Donations from SGC members’ gardens were used to create a pollinator garden. This pesticide-free garden of native plants provides nutrition and habitat for pollinating insects, butterflies, and birds.

The COMO Children's Learning Garden

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