Archives/History Committee
The Archives Committee is working its way through the many historical documents dating back to the 1930’s. It sorts through these documents with the goal of preserving them by having them scanned. The committee is also working to stimulate interest in the history of the club by writing short historical pieces for the newsletter.

Conservation Committee
The purpose of the Conservation Committee is to inform members and the public about critical issues threatening the environment and to educate and inspire members and the public about conservation preservation actions that can be taken to improve the health of the environment.
This committee is open to all SGC members who are interested in conserving precious natural resources. Please join to become informed about important Conservation issues and actively participate in a project. The committee had a busy year with a focus on community outreach, educating members through the monthly newsletter on water and energy saving tips, and providing visibility on key national and legislative conservation issues. It is also responsible for communicating and tracking active club member votes on The Garden Club of America (GCA) Founder’s Fund.
Chairperson: Terri Brennan

Finance Committee
The Stonington Garden Club’s Finance Committee is a Standing Committee. The Chair of the Finance Committee is appointed by the President with approval of the Board and serves on the Board of Directors. This Committee is vested with the responsibility and authority to manage and oversee all financial activities and to report monthly to the Membership and the Board. The Committee oversees all member recommendations for proposed donations and memberships to other non-profit organizations. The Committee is also responsible for keeping the membership informed about changes in procedures and policies that pertain to the Club’s finances. The Committee has the ultimate authority and responsibility for all fiduciary and finance matters related to Club activities, assets, and expenditures.
Members of the Finance Committee are the Past Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, and current Treasurer, who serves as the Chair. The President is an ex-officio member of the Committee who can appoint up to two additional members as needed.
Chairperson: Susan Alston-Millette

Floral Design Committee
The art of arranging cut flowers in containers has been practiced in Eastern and Western cultures for thousands of years. The SGC has within its ranks many talented floral designers who inspire members to share their love of this beautiful art form. This committee seeks to attract novice designers as well as experienced ones who enjoy sharing their knowledge with others while working with flowers and plant material. The Floral Design Committee provides workshops and sponsors one general SGC membership meeting each year lead by talented in-house members, Zone II flower experts and guest designers. Its members have created floral arrangements for local non-profit events as a public service to the community including NESS, COMO, SHS, Coogan Farm and The Stonington Free Library. In return, these projects have provided a valuable and enjoyable learning experience. The committee will host three Bench Shows and four Workshops in the coming year, 2020-2021. The Bench Shows are a friendly way to enter a very small GCA sponsored Flower Show that is limited to members only. In the process and through Workshops, members will learn about the guidelines for entering all GCA Flower Shows.
Chairpersons: Mary Lynn McRee and Shonah Drakos

Garden History and Design Committee
The Garden History and Design Committee uses photography and research, the study of good design practices, education and lecture programs to develop an appreciation of America’s gardens. The committee works closely with the Smithsonian’s Archives of American Gardens to document cultivated gardens throughout the country.
Chairperson: Tom Taylor

Horticulture Committee
The committee seeks to nurture the knowledge and love of gardening, to promote useful and valuable plants and to educate on care and cultivation. It supports the GCA in their efforts to educate communities in responsible ways to plant, propagate, grow and show. Every year the SGC arranges a horticulture-related membership meeting with the Programs chair. The committee also participates in activities within the community to educate its members. Horticulture supports all other club committees.
Chairperson: Pamela Wright

Membership/Admission Committee
The Membership Committee works with the new members with their first-year obligations and helps existing members to navigate the several different committees and projects that members can become involved with. Members of this committee assist the Chair with the following duties: Keep and report attendance at the monthly meetings; assist with the distribution and collection of name tags; distribute new Yearbooks; provide potential members with information about our Club; discuss the meeting schedule; and furnish an application form. Committee members also reach out to both Active and Friend Members to learn about their committee and project interests for the year.
Chairperson: Laura Metzger

Photography Committee
The Photography Committee furthers the knowledge and love of gardening and the natural landscape through photography. It promotes the art and science of photography at all skill levels through education. It provides training through monthly club tutorials and helps in documenting SGC meetings and events. It provides opportunities for membership to submit photos for publications and GCA Flower/Photography Shows.
Chairperson: Laura Frommer Hall

Programs Committee
Of the nine Membership Meetings we have each year five to six meetings have either a speaker or workshop organized by the Program Chair. Speakers are chosen to educate members about horticulture, the environment, conservation, Flower Shows and floral design, photography, garden history and design, legislation, and other relevant topics. Two to three members serve as Hosts and provide refreshments. Members are encouraged to arrive early to mingle and enjoy the refreshments. Members are also encouraged to bring guests to meetings and kindly asked to introduce them at the beginning of the meeting. One or two Programs each year may be open to the public as a community service.
Chairperson: Vivie von Walstrom

Public Relations Committee
The committee helps to build awareness of the Stonington Garden Club’s community projects, special events and workshops. Target audiences include media and consumers in Connecticut, Rhode Island and regionally.
Chairperson: Dodie Bump

Visiting Gardens Committee
Visiting Gardens strives to enrich the experiences of all SGC members through its outreach. As such, the SGC Visiting Gardens mission is: To explore, challenge and grow our understanding of gardens, of the social and cultural history of gardens and landscape, and of gardening practices and landscape design. This comprises of organizing field trips, guest speakers, films and writing newsletter profiles of those in the field, whether they be historians, architects, landscape architects or other parties of interest. In addition, Visiting Gardens will facilitate SGC member visits to GCA gardens in other locations, and facilitate GCA member visits to SGC member gardens. Visiting Gardens will also relay information regarding GCA sponsored national and international trips to the SGC membership.
Chairperson: Linda Visscher

Stonington Garden Club
P.O. Box 385
Stonington, CT, 06378
The Stonington Garden Club's objective is to educate and encourage interest in the environment, conservation, community projects and to stimulate the knowledge and love of gardening.