The Stonington Garden Club is a nonprofit, member driven organization based in Stonington, Connecticut. Our mission is to educate and encourage interest in the environment, conservation, community projects and to stimulate the knowledge and love of gardening.
Garden tour picClub members are a diverse mix of active and dynamic men and women members- we are young parents and grandparents, empty nesters and singles. We are artists, designers, master gardeners and novice gardeners, community and school volunteers, business owners and teachers. We all have an interest in learning more about our gardens and helping each other.
We love to beautify our community and are very much interested in educating ourselves about a variety of garden related subjects, really, anything garden related! We strive to protect and learn about our natural resources and plants. We have great pride in our Stonington community and its environs. For almost 100 years we have had a lasting impact in our community.   We all learn from each other and share our garden story triumphs and learn from our garden goofs!
A WelchOur Club has monthly meetings from September through to June. We have guest speakers, workshops, demonstrations, and in-club flower projects.
During the summer months we help in a variety of outside gardens, getting down into the dirt in The Children’s Garden at the COMO, The Lighthouse Garden, and the Post Office Garden.
We also supply flowers to the Stonington Free Library weekly, go on field trips and have a fabulous floral booth at the annual Stonington Community Fair.
We are also proud of our legacy of giving. Please visit our list of organizations that have received funding from the SGC in the past year.
Please take a look at our website, click around, you will see all that we do and find resources to help you in your garden. If you are interested in membership please click on the Membership button to learn more. Do you have a question? Give us a call, check out our “About Us” page, we look forward to hearing from you.
Take a look at our community projects:
Children’s Garden: Come join us in the Stonington Community Center’s Children’s Garden at 28 Cutler Street.  We meet every Tuesday at 8 am-9:30 (come for part or all of the time slot) and intermittently for an evening of weeding, followed by refreshments. Contact Deb Dodds.
Library Flowers: A weekly profusion of flowers for our local library.  Contact Joyce Pandolfi.
Lighthouse Garden: Every Friday at 8 am we work in this beautiful setting along the water.  Contact Candy Sanford.

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The Stonington Garden Club is a proud member of  The Garden Club of America, National Garden Clubs, Inc., Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut, Inc. , Ocean Community Chamber of Commerce and the Mystic Chamber of Commerce

Stonington Garden Club
P.O. Box 385
Stonington, CT, 06378
The Stonington Garden Club's objective is to educate and encourage interest in the environment, conservation, community projects and to stimulate the knowledge and love of gardening.