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Provisional Tea

Provisional Tea
The Provisional Tea is a long standing tradition of The Stonington Garden Club. Although not an annual event (for example during Garden Tour years), the tea is typically held in winter or early spring (February/March or April/May). Many tea gatherings are held to honor former presidents of the garden club. Each tea differs slightly in that it reflects its respective provisional group. Our most recent tea was on May 1st, 2015, thus, we designed a "May Day" theme, complete with a decorated May Pole. If a tea is to be held, the Provisional group discusses the theme with our membership chair during the September orientation meeting. During the October meeting, discussions regarding initial ideas ensue. In January, once the Holiday Workshop has passed, the Provisionals and the Membership Chair meet again to secure the date, location and theme.

The following tasks are assigned:
1. Borrow a tea service
2. Create invitations
3. Flower workshop chair creates an arrangement
4. Secure volunteer to help with parking, if necessary
5. Choose linens
6. Design menu
7. Send thank you notes

Sample menu from the 2015 Tea
6-8 Pellgrino
4 Prosecco
100 Salmon bites
50 egg white sandwiches
50 Cucumber sandwiches
25 Cucumber with mint sandwiches Tea Cream-
2 pitchers Milk-
2 pitchers Sugar
Flower Arrangements as needed
Two tiered stands
Small plates for food
Tea cups and saucers
60 Napkins
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