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Propose a Candidate

Propose a Candidate
How to Propose a Potential Applicant for The Stonington Garden Club

If you know of someone that has indicated interest in the club, we encourage you to let them know about our projects, our Monthly Membership meetings and our community projects. Please direct them to our website so they can familiarize themselves with our activities.

The Proposer is the main person responsible for the entire application process. The Sponsor, in support of the candidate will write a letter of support. However, both the Proposer and the Sponsor are asked to jointly follow the application process and, if admitted, coordinate with the New Member in her/his first year.

Proposers and Seconders:
1. Encourage the candidate to attend Membership Meeting(s) (this not required, but, it is highly suggested) When guests are asked to stand, please stand with your potential candidate and introduce her/him to the membership. Candidates are welcome at any Membership Meeting, except for the June Annual Meeting.

2. Both Proposer and Seconder write a letter in support of the application. In your letter indicate:
a. How you know the person, length of friendship?
b. What are their current volunteer commitments?
c. What does the candidate bring to the SGC? This could be her/his specific skills they use in a work or volunteer experience. (Finance, Marketing, Gardening Skills, etc) d. Is she/he hands-on? - a “doer” in her volunteer energies? (our club needs “doers”!)

3. The Proposer will assist in finding the applicant a “Sponsor” for the application. This “Sponsor” also writes a letter of support of the candidate. (Answering the questions in 2. a-d above) Please have the candidate meet her Seconder in person if they have not met before.

4. The Candidate must email THE PROPOSER the application (both the form (filled out completely) and Statement of Interest and mail or give the Proposer a check for $50, payable to the Stonington Garden Club. See website for application.

5. The Proposer gathers: Proposer Letter, Sponsor Letter, the application (both pages) and the check. Email the entire packet to the Membership Chair in ONE email. Please do not mail/deliver partial packages. The Proposer mails or delivers the applicant’s check to the Membership Chair. Please note due dates. For April application all is due by April 1. For November all is due November 1. Stonington Garden Club Page 2 of 3 Revised 10/06/2019

6. If the Proposer is unable to email all the documents please photocopy and hand deliver the package to the Membership Chair, along with the check. Please turn in the package with all 5 pieces:
1) Application
2) Statement of Interest
3) Proposer Letter
4) Seconder Letter
5) Check. (having all delivered at the same time prevents items from being lost)

7. After the application is submitted keep your candidate apprised of the process. The Membership Chair will let you know when the candidate action will be taken. I

It is important to let the candidate know the requirements for Membership:
1. New Members attend the monthly membership meetings (second Wednesday of the month.) Monthly meeting dates are published at the beginning of the year. New Members, Actives and Friends RSVP via the evite that is sent out at the beginning of the month.

2. New Members participate in the New Member Introductory Program, which is coordinated by the Membership Committee. Upon successful completion of that program New Members are invited by the President to become Active Members. If circumstances prevent a New Member from completing the New Member Program, New Members will be invited to extend their New Member for one more year until successful completion. If the New Member has not successfully completed the New Member Program in 24 months, the New Member will not move on to Active Membership.

3. In December, the New Member Class, as a group, coordinates the December Holiday Greens Workshop. Evergreen clippings are gathered at members’ homes and the entire membership helps to create approximately 200 small arrangements that are distributed to the various nursing homes in the Stonington and Mystic area.

4. In the years in which the Club is hosting the triennial Garden Tour by the Sea all New Members become members of the Logistics Committee. All members are asked to purchase, at a minimum, one ticket.

5. The New Members have an Annual Tea, traditionally held in February (this will vary year by year).

6. New Members attend committee meetings throughout the year.

7. New Members assist on our various Community Projects.

8. New Member members may not vote.

9. Pay dues upon receipt of the billing statement. Payment due within 30 days. After they have successfully completed the New Member Program they will become Active Members. If they are unable to complete the New Member Program they will be invited to participate in the New Member Program the following year. Stonington Garden Club Page 3 of 3 Revised 10/06/2019

We ask both Proposers and Sponsors to please share with your candidate the requirements for Actives:
1. Active Members attend the monthly membership meetings (second Wednesday of the month.) Monthly meeting dates are published at the beginning of the year. New Members and Actives RSVP via the evite that is sent out at the beginning of the month.

2. In December, the entire membership attends the Holiday Greens Workshop. In the years in which the Club is hosting the triennial Garden Tour by the Sea all New Members and Actives participate in the tour in some capacity.

3. All members are asked to purchase at least one ticket.

4. All Active members join at least one committee.

5. Active Members assist on our various Community Projects.

6. Active Members may vote.

7. Pay dues on time Most important: Assuming admittance is granted, both the Proposer and the Sponsor need to coordinate through out the first year with the New Member.

If concerns come up, please make the Membership Chair aware.
1. Reminding him or her about Membership Meeting dates

2. Sitting with the New Member at Meetings (those first meetings can feel intimidating if they do not know many people). Please do this beyond the first meeting. It takes time to get to know people!

3. Talk about which committee they will want to eventually join (all Active Members are required to join a committee each year (maybe the same as prior years) and New Members select either during their first year as a New Member, or at the latest at the END of their New Member year)

4. Meet periodically through-out the year, outside of club meetings to assess their integration, answer questions. The Membership Committee’s goal, to be accomplished with the help of our Proposers and Sponsors, is a New Member who is fully aware of all the Stonington Garden Club community projects, has had first hand experience working in each of our projects and feels like welcome and valued member. She or he will have joined a committee and is enjoying our Membership Meetings.
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