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Harvest Bounty Luncheon

Harvest Bounty Luncheon
What has become an annual event for the Stonington Garden Club has long traditions in the agricultural and flower shows of the 19th century, especially in the United Kingdom. The earliest recorded official flower shows appeared during this time and were showcases for the home arts including homegrown produce, crafts, foodstuffs and the like. In the United States a flower show in Philadelphia dates back to 1829. Here 25 members of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society displayed their treasured specimens, both exotic and homegrown. A tradition born.
The horticultural committee of Stonington Garden Club looks forward to viewing your treasures. Please continue the tradition of showcasing your ‘Harvest Bounty’.

1. An exceptional specimen of your horticultural prowess that best epitomizes the title, ‘Harvest Bounty’. It may be a blossom, piece of fruit or vegetable or a branch. Examples may be the perfect tomato, the largest dahlia, the most pendulous eggplant, an exceedingly endowed sunflower….Please note specimen signifies a single example. Containers or display materials will NOT be considered. Points will be based on overall appearance and health of the specimen, unusual and remarkable features considered.
2. A titled small arrangement of no more than three flowers grown in a garden—no purchased flowers allowed— If your neighbor agrees, harvest that perfect blossom from their garden! All arrangements should be in a clear glass vessel no larger than 12” tall. Points awarded for horticultural perfection, color composition and creativity in display and title.
3. A titled photograph that best epitomizes the title of ‘Harvest Bounty’. It does not need to be your own garden. Points awarded for composition, color and creative title.
4. Anything Goes—Anything you would like to share that epitomizes the title ‘Harvest Bounty’ but does not fit into the above 3 categories is more than welcome. Please include statement of intent on why you think your entry should be included. Statements can be staid and factual or humorous and silly. Poems encouraged and considered for extra points. Points awarded for originality, display and overall appearance. All entries will need to include:
 Exhibitors name
 Common AND Latin names of their horticultural entries
 Growing particulars of note

All participants will receive a prize!
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