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COMO Village Fair Floral Booth

COMO Village Fair Floral Booth
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21 High Street
Nina Stimson is the homeowner of the house across the street from the library. We use her back yard as a staging area for the floral designers to make creations which in turn are taken across the street to the flower sales booth.
She prefers email contact:
860-535-3954 home
212-431-8027 cell

At the Annual Luncheon bring a sign-up sheet for shifts:
1. Work at booth
2. Make arrangements
3. Friday 8-11 pick flowers at home owners’ gardens
4. Set up tents/tables on Friday 1-3 June
1. Collect vases July
1. Create online sign-up sheet for both booth shifts and floral design shifts- Use
2. Send email out to entire membership and have link in the email
4. August a. Get these items out of the attic:
i. Vases ii. canvas bag (has tent spikes) iii. tents iv. oasis for arrangements v. 2 large black trash cans b.
Make sure tents have the right tent top with the right base- need 4 people to set up a tent.
1. Check sign up genius to see where you need more help- send another email with link
2. Friday pick flowers, condition and leave in the back yard at the Stimson’s
3. Saturday Fair – sell!!!
4. Send thank you notes to all families that donated flowers
5. Send thank you email to all volunteers
6. Send tax donation letters to people/companies that request it: Stone Acres, Pequot Plant Farm
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