Garden History

The Garden History and Design (GH&D) Committee will establish short and long-term goals for our Stonington Garden Club GH&D program.  To establish these goals, we will look at history and design education opportunities for our members and at documentation methods for recording public and/or private gardens found in our community.
On-site visits, guest speakers and other events will be exciting ways for our club members to learn about historical and contemporary landscape and garden design. Our GH&D programming will also examine garden history within a larger social and cultural context.

Documenting local public and/or private gardens, whether for reference use by our community or for submission to the Smithsonian Archives of American Gardens, is an important task of the GH&D Committee. How we think about public gardens, how we design and use our gardens, which plants we use and why, changes over time. Being able to capture and document what was or is, provides an essential record for understanding the social and cultural history of our times and as an inspiration for future gardeners.

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The Stonington Garden Club's objective is to educate and encourage interest in the environment, conservation, community projects and to stimulate the knowledge and love of gardening.