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These guidelines outline the values and elements which represent the Stonington Garden Club (SGC). Using these rules and values, we can accurately create and write materials for the SGC while maintaining creative flexibility. These guidelines are official as of June 2021.

Grey scale

Grey scale with frame

Social media icon




Full color logos are the preferred use in printed and digital applications. In most instances, the preferable usage is without the border (see below for exceptions). 


Grayscale versions of the logo are optional and should be used as shown. A line art version (no shading/grayscale) is available for screen printing or other similar applications. 
The overlay logo or "watermark" is a white line drawing with an almost transparent background. It is for use on top of photographs. Examples can be found here.
The social media icon is for use in very small applications, often less than 1/2”, and only accessed through the Communications Chair. 


The horizontal logo is for use where a banner is needed including stationery, the newsletter, internal communications, and the website.
Selecting a Logo



The logo is to be used in scale with other items on the page.

Minimum Size

Readability must be maintained at all times. The logo is never to appear smaller than 0.5” in height.


Clear Space Requirements

Visual space around the logo should be maintained. Text and other imagery is not to crowd the logo. Minimum clear space is equivalent to one quarter the size of the logo.
Spacing & Sizes
Layout Best Practices



  1. Background: If used on any background other than white or off-white, use a framed logo with a white background. Other colors should not interfere with the logo.
  2. The only logo that can be used on top of an image is the “watermark” version. 


  1. Placement of logo with transparent background over conflicting color background. 
  2. Use of any other colors than the designated colors (above) or black/white/grayscale. 
  3. Using the frameless version with a white background on anything but white. 
  4. Using the framed version with a white background on an off-white surface (use transparent). 
  5. Changing the color, distorting the proportions, omitting the lettering, adding effects like shadow boxes, placing the logo on a conflicting pattern or busy background. 
  6. The words “Stonington Garden Club” may not be omitted from the logo unless it is to be printed or displayed at an extremely small size (less than .5”). 
Color Palette


The full color logo is the preferred use in printed and digital applications; however, the grayscale version is optional and should be used as shown. Line art (no shading/grayscale) version is available for screen printing or other similar applications.


The selection of typefaces listed below are recommended for all communications and are designed to help create a clear and consistent brand for the SGC. Serif fonts are typically easier to read in printed materials; sans serif fonts are easier to read on screen.


1. Serif - Cormorant Garamond
a) Our logo uses Cormorant Garamond (“STONINGTON” is Medium. ”GARDEN CLUB” is Regular)
b) The designer recommends that “STONINGTON GARDEN CLUB” be in caps on all titles
2. Sans-serif - Open Sans Light or Gil Sans Light comes with Word and Pages

Body Copy

1. Serif - Cormorant Garamond Regular or Garamond Regular, not recommended for screen use
2. Sans-serif - Open Sans Light or Gil Sans Light comes with Word and Pages


1. Cormorant Garamond – free on Google, Garamond Regular comes with Word and Pages
2. Open Sans – free on Google, Gil Sans Light comes with Word and Pages

Open Sans


A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

Cormorant Garamond


A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v

w x y z

click to download

Cormorant Garamond



The following guidelines govern the use of the SGC logo and should be referenced when undertaking a project which requires or warrants its use.

1.The SGC name and logo may be used only by the SGC unless expressly allowed by the Communications Secretary and/or President.
2.The SGC encourages use of the logo in SGC and club communications in connection with any SGC-sanctioned activities such as Gardens by the Sea, flower shows, bench shows, and fundraisers.
3.Use of the SGC logo must follow the guidelines described in this document. Any other formats require prior approval of the Communications Secretary and/or President. Use of the SGC logo within guidelines by Committee or Project Chairs does not require advance approval.
4.All SGC publications must include the SGC logo including publications produced in collaboration with non-SGC members and approved by the Executive Board. The SGC logo is the only logo that may appear unless prior approval is obtained from the Executive Board.
5.Other use of the SGC logo for items produced or commissioned by the SGC, a SGC committee, or a club member for any purpose, including but not limited to sale, promotion or distribution to meeting attendees, requires prior permission of the Executive Board.
6.Individuals, organizations, or companies may not use the SGC logo on promotional items, advertising or marketing materials, or in other means of solicitation, advertising, or sales unless expressly approved by the Executive Board.
7.The SGC logo may not be used to endorse any non-SGC commercial product, processes, or services unless expressly approved by the Executive Board.
8.Any unique logo created for an event conducted under the name of the SGC must be approved in advance by the Communications Secretary and/or President. For example, the Gardens by the Sea logo is a unique logo that was created for that event.
9.The logo must appear on the front or back cover of all SGC publications.
Accessing the Logo


If you meet the criteria as outlined, the following downloadable logos are available to you on the members’ section of the SGC website with step by step instructions.
1.Determine which logo will best suit your needs and whether you would like a full color, black & white grayscale logo or watermark version. The .PNG format will work for most internal communications.
2.Click on the link below or contact the communications secretary and the file will be emailed to you.
3.You are ready to work! Locate the logo within your own computer’s downloads/email folder and insert the logo using the instructions specific to the program or application you are using to create your materials.
4. If you need help downloading or other formats for specialized applications (website, screen printing, etc.), please contact the Communications Secretary at


The SGC Communications Committee recommends the Chicago Manual of Style for all questions on proper writing style.

Name Usage

"The” can be included whenever SGC is referred to as a proper noun; however “the” is not a legal part of the name of the organization. “The” is not capitalized when referring to the Stonington Garden Club as a corporate entity, as a heading, title, or within a sentence, and omitted when used as an adjective.
“The” is lower case when abbreviating to “the SGC” in proper noun form, however it can be omitted if usage is cumbersome. The word “club” should not be capitalized when used by itself.
1. Correct: There is much support for the Stonington Garden Club.
2. Correct: Our community appreciates the SGC.
3. Correct: It is important for clubs to support SGC programs.
4. Correct: Our club members are very enthusiastic.


Capitalization of Committee Names

Titles of organizational bodies such as committees and zones are capitalized when referring to the full official name, but lowercase when spoken of in general.
1. Correct: The Conservation Committee was honored for their success.
2. Correct: All conservation committees across the country are very active.
3. Correct: It is an honor to be a member of Zone II
4. Correct: The presence of club members from all zones made the meeting enjoyable.


Capitalization of Positions

Position titles are not capitalized when used as nouns, but they may be capitalized when used as a title preceding an individual’s name.
1. Correct: Our zone representative worked on the project.
2. Correct: Jane Doe, the Horticulture Committee zone representative, helped judge the show.
3. Correct: Zone II Horticulture Representative Jane Doe helped judge the show.

Description / Mission Rev. 05.2001

The Stonington Garden Club is a nonprofit, member driven organization based in  Stonington, Connecticut. Our mission is to educate and encourage interest in the  environment, conservation, community projects and to stimulate the knowledge and love of  gardening.
Writing Syle
Logos designed by Studio Petronella
Text adapted from the Garden Club of America by Dodie Bump
Overlay drawing by Anna Bell McLanahan
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