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This year the Horticulture Committee will focus its studies on the begonias.
We will also hold our traditional Amaryllis workshop. 

Intensive Study Group on Begonias

Begonias are fascinating plants to grow year round, indoors and outside,. Join us for a new "lunch & learn study group on begonias. All members are welcome - from novice to expert! We will focus on care, cultivation, propagation, and conservation.

We will also enjoy a field trip to the New England Botanic Garden at Tower Hill in September 2023 to celebrate our successful studies!

Class 1: Begonia Types, History & Cultivars

At our first session, Pam will discuss begonia classifications by type, history & cultivars, botanical nomenclature, basic care guidelines and begonia suppliers. Plant material exemplars will be shared.
October 12 - La Grua at 12 pm


class 3: Care & Cultivation, Grooming & Showing

Care & cultivation by type, grooming in preparation to show, qualities of a good show plant, judging considerations and examples of show & exhibition schedules.

March 8 - La Grua at 12 pm 

class 2: Begonia Intensive with Tovah Martin

Tovah Martin will share her "Begonia Intensive" presentation via Zoom. this is a new presentation prepare for the American Begonia Society Buxton Branch and offered at the September 2022 Begonia Exhibition at the New England Botanic Garden at Tower Hill.

January 11 - Pam Wright's House at 9:30 am

class 4: Propagation

Jocelyn Sherman, GCA Horticulture Judge and former Zone II Horticulture Rep, will lead a begonia propagation workshop designed for our study group. Ms. Sherman, a member of the Newport Garden Club, is the recipient of numerous Horticulture Propagation Awards, has been awarded the American Begonia Society "Best in Show." and is an American Begonia Society Judge.

May 10 - La Grua at 12 pm
Tuberous Begonias, for the beauty of flowers
From the high altitudes of the Andes Mountains in South America, tuberous begonias grace the world with their beauty. Flourishing in high humidity, cool nights and filtered light, blooms can reach up to 8” in diameter. Flower colors range from white to crimson and all the shades in between. These beautiful plants come in many forms including short, tough bedding plants from the Nonstop® series and cascading, hanging basket pendula types. To learn more about the showiest begonias, grab a cup of tea and some biscuits!
How to Grow and Propagate Tuberous Begonias with Expert Peter Harris 48 minutes
This is an incredibly informative & entertaining video about growing and propagating Tuberous Begonias by renowned expert, Peter Harris. You will learn about species origins, sowing seed, watering needs, dormancy, stem and leaf propagation, flower forms and more.
Bonus: Australian accents!

Amaryllis Workshop

We will have a wide variety of colors available for guaranteed Christmas bloom and some exoctic bulbs that will bloom later.

$15 per bulb, please a bring container, we will provide the materials for potting

Wednesday, November 2 

10 - 11:30 am at the home of Pam Wright

please rsvp Pam Wright at

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