October 2021

A Photography Bench Show

October 13, 2021
10 am – 12 pm


  1. One or two entries of a digital photo per SGC member.  One entry per class.  Maximum of two entries permitted per club member.  Classes will be limited to ten entries per class.
  2. Photos must be 2-5 mb in size.
  3. Photos will be accepted between September 15 and September 22 (midnight).  Digital Photos must be attached to an email addressed to:  lefrommer@gmail.com  (Texted photos will not be accepted.) 
  4. Photo files should be labeled ClassNumber_firstname_lastname_title.jpg
    Example:  Class2_suzie_jones_ButterflyonMilkweed.jpg 
    Title Photo example: “Monarch Butterfly on Coneflower”
  5. The email content to which each photo is attached should include the name of the Photographer, phone number, email address for judging comments to be sent, along with a description of the photo, where and when it was taken and the title of the photo. 
  6. All entries should be the work of the Photographer/Member only.  Any editing should be the work of the Photographer/Member only.  
  7. Minimal post processing/editing is allowed, but the photo should not be altered significantly.  
  8. Workshop attendance is highly recommended.


Class I:  Color Photograph of a native plant in a garden setting

Class II:  Color Landscape Photograph featuring a native plant or plants

Class III:  Color Photograph of a pollinator, bird, or other animal on or near a native plant or tree

Class IV:  Macro or Close Up Color Photograph of a native plant


Definition of Native Plants:  Native plants of North America and cultivars
Resources:  Native Plant Trust https://gobotany.nativeplanttrust.org

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