April 2021

A Photography Bench Show

April 14, 2021
10 am – 12 pm
Entries must be submitted by April 6th at midnight
Email entries to newslettereditorsgc@gmail.com


Class I: Close Up of a Flower or Plant Material in Color.

Class II: Color Photograph of a Flower or Plant Element with a living creature resting such as a butterfly, bee, etc.

Class III: Color Photograph of a Flower or Plant Element which captures the moisture from guttation, rain or the help of a spritzer.  

Class IV: Close Up of a Flower or Plant Material in Monochrome.

Photography Entry Rules for all Bench Shows

  1. One entry of a digital photo per SGC member. (Depending on the number of entries we may allow for more than one entry.)
  2. Photos must be 1-5 mb in size.
  3. Photos will not be accepted if received after midnight of the deadline date.
  4. Digital Photos must be attached to an email addressed to: newslettereditorSGC@gmail.com.
    (Texted photos will not be accepted.)  
  5. Photo files should be labeled firstname_lastname.jpg.  (Example:  suzie_jones.jpg)
  6. Title your Photo:  (i.e. “Dahlias in Harkness Park”)
  7. The email content to which each photo is attached should include the Name of the Photographer, phone number, email address for judging comments to be sent, along with a description of the photo and where and when it was taken and the Title of the photo. 
  8. All entries should be the work of the Photographer/Member only.  Any editing should be the work of the Photographer/member only.  
  9. Minimal post processing/editing is allowed but the photo should not be altered significantly.  
  10. Workshop attendance is highly recommended.  


Photographs will be sent by the Photography Chair (via Google Slides) to a GCA Photography Judge on April 7 (one week prior to the Membership Meeting). All entries will be evaluated and comments notated by the GCA Judge. All Photographs will then be sent back to the SGC Photography Chair prior to the Membership Meeting. There will be no ranking or “winners” this year. Comments will include critique of composition, cropping, focal point, leading lines, clarity of the photo, and adhering to the theme.    

At the April 14 meeting, the Photography Chair will display  one by one, all photographs entered in the Bench Show either via Virtual Slides or using a physical screen if we are physically meeting. Comments will be shared with the entire membership. 

Jill Corr
Photography Chair

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