April 2022

A Horticulture Bench Show (revised to Show and Tell)

April 13, 2022 (postponed from March)
10 am – 12 pm
La Grua Center


  1. All plant material must be fresh and grown by the exhibitor unless otherwise noted.
  2. Exhibitors are encouraged to give notice of their intent to submit by noon the day before the show; however, this is not required. Give notice to Horticulture Committee Chair, Pam Wright.
  3. Exhibitors must provide their own clear glass container for cut specimens.
  4. White paper plates for vegetable exhibits will be provided by the committee.
  5. Exhibits must have been in the possession of the exhibitor for no fewer than 90 days. Exception: plants grown from seed, seedling, or immature transplants, bulbs, tubers, corms, or rhizomes.
  6. All SGC Community Project Garden exhibit entries are welcome—please note garden on entry card.
  7. GCA entry cards listing plant material by botanical binomials and common names must be submitted with entry. Templates and printable entry cards are available on the SGC & GCA websites.
  8. All plant material must be correctly identified with the botanical and common names, if possible. Accepted references for nomenclature are:
  9. Entry cards must be filled out in advance with waterproof ink, pencil, or printed out with GCA template. Alternatively, put your name and plant name (botanical and common name) on a piece of paper and tape to your container.
  10. All entries must be accepted and passed between 9:00 and 9:45am prior to the start of the Membership Meeting. Entries that do not pass will be displayed, but not judged.
  11. Judging will occur during the meeting – “live” judging.
  12. Exhibitor may make more than one entry per class, if each is a different genus, species, variety/cultivar, type, size, or color.
  13. Double potting is permitted but the inner pot must not be visible.
  14. Wedging is permitted. Wedging may be visible but must not detract from the cut specimen. Additional wedging will be provided by Committee.
  15. All entries must be removed by exhibitor at the end of the meeting.
  16. Plants included on the CT Invasive Plant list will not be accepted. https://cipwg.uconn.edu/invasive_plant_list/
  17. Endangered, Threatened or Species of Special Concern in CT will be accepted only if they have not been collected in the wild and/or are commercially available cultivars or nativars. https://portal.ct.gov/DEEP/Endangered-Species/Endangered-Specie


A beautiful plant is like having a friend around the house—Beth Ditto

Container-grown plants, one plant per pot

Class I: Grown for Flower

Class II:  Grown for Foliage Class

Class III:  Cactus or Succulent

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