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Mailing address:
The Stonington Garden Club
P.O. Box 385
Stonington, CT 06378-0385


Communications Email: stoningtongardenclub@gmail.com

President: stoningtongardenclubpresident@gmail.com

Gardens by the Sea Tour: sgctourinfo@gmail.com

For more information, additional assistance, or special needs please contact us.

Executive Board:
President: Deborah Dodds
First Vice President: Kirby Williams
Second Vice President: Carole Barnard
Treasurer: Laura Metzger
Communications Secretary: Dodie Bump
Recording Secretary: Jill Corr

Standing Committee Chairs: (members of the Governing Board)
Archives/Historian: TBD
Conservation: Lisa Szaro
Horticulture: Pam Wright
Finance: Laura Metzger
Floral Design: Mary Lynn McRee & Kirby Williams
Garden History & Design: Gail Hamsher
Membership/Admission: Kirby Williams
Photography: Laura Frommer
Programs: Carole Barnard
Public Relations: Dodie Bump
Visiting Gardens: Linda Visscher
Garden Tour: Laura Metzger

Administrative Chairs:
Federated Garden Club Liaison: Deborah Dodds
Garden Club of America Liaison: Dodie Bump
Grants: Laura Metzger
Hospitality: Lori Dyer
Awards: Mark Renfro
SGC Scholarship: TBD
Website: Anna Bell McLanahan
Memorial Books: Kirby Williams
Founders Fund: Kirby Williams

Community Project Chairs:
Children’s Garden: Wanda Sullivan
Deck the Walls: Laura Metzger
Holiday Arrangements: New Members
Library Flowers: Carol Nossek 
Lighthouse Garden: Michelle Kutz
Post Office Garden: Allegra Griffiths
Village Fair: Annette Born and Jojo Reindel

Nominations Committee:
Chair: Alejandra Welch
Ex Officio Member: Deborah Dodds
Adjunct: Michelle Kutz
Adjunct: Ann Buffum

Finance Committee:
Treasurer: Laura Metzger
Assistant Treasurer: Diana Beck
President: Deborah Dodds
Past Treasurer: Kirby Williams
Adjunct: Allegra Griffiths

Garden Club of America Zone II Representatives:
Photography Representative: Jill Corr
Program Representative: Kathy Conger

Our History

The origins of an informal Stonington Garden Club date back to the early 1900’s, but the first recorded account was July 6, 1926, when “Mrs. Frank L. Henderson won first prize in a rose contest,” according to The Stonington Chronology 1649-1976. In 1929, this casual group became one of the charter members of the Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut. During World War II, however, it disbanded to put energies into knitting for troops abroad and planting personal Victory Gardens.

Reorganized in 1958 with 30 members, its charter was “to stimulate interest in gardening, to encourage civic planting and to promote measures for the protection of wildflowers, native plants, birds and wildlife.”

In 1996, with the active membership limited to 48 people and an unlimited number of Friends, the membership voted to change the Club’s objectives: “to educate and encourage interest in the environment, conservation, civic beautification and to stimulate the knowledge and love of gardening.”

In 2000, the Stonington Garden Club joined the Garden Club of America, increasing membership to 55 and expanding committees.

The Club’s archives stored at the Woolworth Library total more than three dozen volumes. The earliest periodical clippings date from 1934. Committee reports have been gathered since the 1960s. Photographs document current activities. The volumes tell of the Club’s help with the beautification of both Town and Borough. Through the years, funds to support many projects in the community have been raised by the tri-annual Gardens by the Sea tour. Educational projects include NatureScapes with all of Stonington’s 3rd-grade classes, student workshops, and the creation of the Children’s Community Garden. To increase awareness of preserving the environment, the club has published “What’s Up Outside” and “Earth Friendly Alternatives.”

The Stonington Garden Club is a proud member of The Garden Club of America, National Garden Clubs, Inc., Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut, Inc., the Mystic Chamber of Commerce, the Stonington Borough Merchants Association, and the Ocean Community Chamber of Commerce.

Stonington Garden Club
P.O. Box 385
Stonington, CT, 06378
The Stonington Garden Club's objective is to educate and encourage interest in the environment, conservation, community projects and to stimulate the knowledge and love of gardening.